Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love in Orlando

I had a great trip to Orlando. I basically did Disney World for 9 days by myself and it was fabulous. I could do what I wanted. I could be spontaneous or see/ride something a ton because I was the only one there.

I hate to use the word inspiration because I think the word is over used, but there's just something about being at Disney that is magical. It relaxes me. It makes me want to be a better person. It makes me sit back and think about what's really important.

Some of the coolest things were riding a Segway, Expedition Everest (4 times), Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor, Illuminations (saw it 3 times), the 2 backstage tours I did and the food. One of the great perks of the backstage tours was cutting to the front of the lines on a few rides, especially Soarin' at EPCOT since the wait throughout the day probably averaged over an hour.

Now for the pictures...

The view from Dumbo. It was the first time I'd ever been on Dumbo.

I did the safari twice and both times we saw a lot of the animals. Some even this close to the vehicle.

Expedition Everest. It's a roller coaster that goes backward for a little bit. The first time I thought, this is way cool, which is why I rode it more times. Thankfully this ride has a single rider line making my wait much shorter.

Illuminations at EPCOT. I tried to do the other nighttime shows at the parks but I kept coming back here. It's just so moving. Plus because of my backstage tour at EPCOT I got VIP seating twice, the second time the Guest Services cast member was just being nice but I defiantly appreciated it.

Did a character breakfast one morning. The family I was with didn't seem to enjoy it but I loved it. Lilo and Stitch were there which you know is about perfect in my world. (so the family and I had different ideas on how to do Disney which is why I did it on my own)

Right now at EPCOT is their Flower and Garden Show. It was amazing. I wish mom could have been there she would have loved it. They had classes and demonstrations to go along with all the wonderful plants.

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