Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

I am super excited about today. :)
  1. It's Super Tuesday, duh. I'll be tuned into CNN tonight. I love all this presidental stuff. I don't so much love politicians but I love watching the people I want to still be around November win.
  2. I am done documenting a Week in my life. It's tough. I was looking through my pictures this morning and I realized I have to do some cheating and take some generic pictures becuase I don't have enough.
  3. I got my weekly dose of Gossip Girl last night. It's an indulgance that I probably shouldn't like but I cna't not watch it.
  4. Hannah Montana's movie got extended so guess where I'll be this weekend? Yep, me the 25 year old is goign to see Hannah Montana.
  5. I learned how to scan double sided on our work printer today.

Wishing you a Super Tuesday!!

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