Monday, February 4, 2008

Why I'll Never Have My Dream House

This is what one of my closers currently look like. Yep, a mess.

I used to dream of a big house with lots of room and high ceilings. But then I realized I don't like to clean.

I can do the easy stuff like dishes and laundry (I just don't likek putting said laundry away). But try to get me to dust or clean bathrooms and I just freeze up.

About a month ago my dad and I were driving along and I told him I changed my mind about the kind of house I want. I want something small. Something that doen'st have a lot of places to clean. Well something where I can have a huge kitchen because I'll clean that, I just won't clean the rest of the house. :)


Val said...

What's bad for me is that my closet looks like that too and I have to share it with DH. I honestly don't think that no matter how big the house is, closets will never be big enough. And no matter how small the house is, cleaning it will never be fun. :)

kelly said...

i totally agree. this is why i need to find a career that will pay me enough to hire a cleaning service ;)