Monday, February 11, 2008

My Bucket List

This past weekend Dad and I saw The Bucket List. It's not a movie I really wanted to see or was looking forward to but it was the only one we could both agree on. After seeing it I'm glad I did. I enjoyed it a million times more that I thought I would. I was crying by the end of the movie, and the middle and even the beginning.

It got me thinking about the thing I want to do in my life.

This is the list I made almost 2 years ago.
1. Visit Europe
2. Visit every Disneyland/World
3. Get married
4. Have a child/children
5. Get paid to scrapbook
6. See my name in a magazine
7. Win a teaching award
8. Read all Jane Austen books
9. Go on a Safari
10. Go scuba diving
11. Visit all 50 states
12. See all 100 Best Movies ever made

Actually that's a pretty good list even now. I've worked on some of that stuff. I've been to Europe, I've been to another Disney and I've seen my name in a magazine.

But the thing is I'm not a long term kind of person. I don't have a 5 year plan, I never really saw the point because so many things change. For instance I'd like to change #3 up there to "have my dad walk me down the eisle."

So I thought about making a list of 25 things I want to get done in my 25th year but I can't come up with 25 things (I'll take suggestions). I figure, though, that I don't need 25 things, just a few so her are the thing I would like to do before November 29th.

1. Read all of Jane Austen's books (I watched The Jane Austen Book Club this weekend and it's really got me motivated)
2. Get back into my size 12 jeans
3. Go one full day without turning the TV on
4. Read Franklin and Winston, I started this a couple years ago and loved it but it had to go back to the libarary
5. Read The World is Flat
6. For one month, create something everyday
7. Go to the DIA
8. Finish my Europe Album
9. Visit someplace I've never been

1 comment:

Val said...

I'm still working on my all 50 states list.

Suggestions for you before Nov. 29.

Visit at least one state you have never been to.

Save $xxxx.xx (Whatever amount you decide).

Learn one new skill or sport.

If I think of any other things. I'll add them.

Have fun!