Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How I spent My Weekend

Saturday night we get a phone call asking if we want to see the Stanley Cup. My mom's boss grew up with a woman that works for the team and Saturday was her day with the Cup. This was the real cup, the original, the one with all the dents and bruises. It was pretty cool to think about everything and everyone that has held that cup. People I admire greatly. Just an awesome Experience!
Sunday I offically became a godmother. Ella Rose was born 6 weeks premature but so far so good. She can't be more than 7lbs 2 months later. It's pretty cool though that the parents, my dad's cousin, thought of me. I love all their little girls now Ella just needs to grow so I can actually play with her.


lotto winners said...
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bltownley said...

looks like a beautiful church

Val said...

How awesome that you got your picture with the Cup and you became a Godmother in the same weekend! WOW!