Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A New Definition of Normal

Dad checks into the hospital today.

My 'normal' life is definalty changing.

I'll be spending lots of time with him. Using up some of my sick leave at work. Probably lots of meals by myself.

When I start to feel sorry for myself, I think about what's going on to dad. He's going to have tons of chemicals pumped into him, then the transplant. He'll be stuck at home for months. If my normal is changing his is taking a long vacation.

I'm thinking of things I can do besides just going home the days I don't go to visit and watching TV. I'm thinking cleaning might be the thing I do and I don't like to clean.

I won't lie that I'm not scared about this whole thing, but I have faith that a month from now dad will be helping mom pick me up from the airport.

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