Monday, March 24, 2008

25 Days

That's how many I have until I'm in Florida.

I spent the weekend getting some reservations for the first couple days I'm there since it's just going to be me.

Dinner at the California Grill at the Contemporary and another night at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I'm doing the Keys to the Kingdom tour. It takes you behind the scenes at the Magic Kingdom. No camera allowed and you have to be at least 16. I can't wait for this tour!

I have been told I have to go, even though dad will still be in the hospital. So since I"m being forced to go I'm going to make the best of it.

My goal is to say by the end that I've done everything in the 4 parks.

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LisaZ said...

Hi Amanda
I wish I could go with you to Florida. This is the first time in 3 years that I will not be going to Disney. Silly economy- don't they know I need my Disney fix?!

I think you'll enjoy "Boma" at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I know I did.
I hear there's lots of new things going on at the Parks. Have fun for me & the boys!