Friday, March 14, 2008

My Sister's Keeper

So a few minutes ago I was doing my normal checking of the gossip blogs and came across the information that the book My Sister's Keeper is being made into a movie.

This was my first Jodi Piccoult book and she had a fan after it. I never expected it to end the way it did and I was defiantly crying.

So I have the excitement of knowing this great book is being made into a movie and then I read they're changing the ending.


You can't change the ending. It wouldn't be the same story if you changed the ending.

From Jodi Piccoult's website I found the email addresses of the Producer and Executive Producer. If you want to give them your opinion, if you've read the book, here you go.

Mark Johnson - Producer:
Toby Emmerich -Executive Producer :


val said...

Funny, I started reading this book about 2 years ago when it came out in paperback and I never did finish it. I guess it never really grabbed me for some reason. I was thinking the other day I should go dig it up and read it since I did hear about the movie. I hate when they change the movie from the book.

kelley Popp said...

no that is crazy. the ending is an intergral part of this book in particular. that is just nuts I am going to email them! I can't believe JP would sign off on that she must not be involved with the screenplay. This is on of my favorite books by her keeping a close second with 19 minutes.