Thursday, March 13, 2008

I have this urge

To completely purge my bedroom, like get rid of half my clothes.

Then I want to attack my scrapspace and get rid of tons of things I haven't/won't use.

The clothes thing is hard since half my clothes don't fit and I keep planning on losing weight. :)

As for scrap supplies, I have so many and I spent so much on them I feel guilty. Granted I sell them in a garage sale so I get some money back for them, but not what I spent. I even have a sketch of my shelves right now and I'm thinking about how I can rearrage them to maximize my space and make it functional.


Val said...

I'm so with you on re-doing my scrap space. I have everything all planned out how I want it, but the thought of packing up the whole room, moving it out, painitng the room, assembling the cabinets and putting everything all back. I feel your pain.

I have tons of stuff that I spent tons of money on as well that I just won't or don't use. Uggghh! I think maybe a garage sale would help.

LisaZ said...

Okay, I feel the need to open up my scrapspace. Open up, as in, use the stuff in it. Seriously, what is going on with all the original packaging & the stacks of patterned paper w/matching Bazzill. Not to mention, the Iris drawers full of embellishments.
I know I probably don't need anything else, but after the last garage sale, your "purge" was the best "kick in the a--" I needed to start scrapping. I think I've used it all. So, if the urge takes over, give me a jingle- I'll be right over.