Monday, February 25, 2008

Luke, Bucky and Dierks

Staring with Luke Bryan. I won a meet 'n greet. He was a nice guy. He called everyone baby. Isn't he cute? I loved the half hour he was on stage. His face totally made it for me.

Next up was Bucky Covington. My mom and I both said that if he had performed like he did Thrusday night when he was on American Idol he would have stood a good chance of winning. Another fun performance.

Finally we had Dierks Bently. Fabulous!
So our 'seats' were in the mosh pit which means we were right by the stage. Dierks had an auxillary stage set up so I got my spot in the crowd then when he went to the auxillary everyone moved closer to that and I moved backwards closer to the actual stage so by the end of the show I was right there. He just passed over my had. I havne't stopped listening to Dierks since Thrusday night.

The show ended with all 3 singing a Johnny Cash song. Perfect!

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JudgeFL said...

Thanks for the kind words for Bucky (huge Bucky fan here) and all three of these guys were great in Pompano.

Thought you might like this someone caught the three together on stage... here is the link.