Thursday, January 10, 2008

The one about me and football

I've been thinking this week about football. You see I have this friend that if I told her I couldn't do anything this weekend because of football she'd go complain to someone I'm sure. But she doesn't understand.

Ok, if it was regular season I could miss a game, I mean I missed a lot of games. But this is the playoffs and I'm sorry I can't miss a game.

You see first I've always been a Green Bay fan so I wish Brett Favre the best. Then I just can't miss New England. They're my team and I will see them go undefeated this year.

Sunday is Manning Day. I don't remember which plays first but I'll be cheering for Little Manning (Eli) and cheering against Big Manning (Peyton). It's just what I do.

Are there people out there that actually don't watch football? That think the Superbowl is just a silly little game? I'll admit I'm a huge sports fan and I do know girls that aren't but that just makes no sense to me. I mean, is there nothing better than the nailbiting of a last minute drive down the field to tie and/or win the game? It's edge of the seat for me and if it's New England youc an bet something is getting beat up, either the couch or a pillow.

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