Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I decided with all the kids going back to school this month that I wanted to as well just in a different sense.

I want to learn all those things I've always wanted to learn but never did. So I turn to books.

I want to learn history so I've read or will read...
The Greatest Stories Never Told
Franklin and Winston
The Greatest Presidental Stories Never Told
That's Not in My American History Book
The Story of the World

I love history and want to learn more about it. Being in a place like Disney World even made me want to learn. Just go on Spaceship Earth and you'll understand. :)

For Design/Creativity I turn to....
Design Basics for Creative Results
The Non-Designers Design Book
The Creative License
Disney Mountains
Walt's People
Taking Flight

I've also signed up for a couple online classes, one on design and the other photography.

I enjoy being a student. Plus I'm thinking this might help me do better on Jeopardy if I ever get on.

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