Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Reminder to Myself

The following list is something I came across a few years ago. As I was reading in bed last night I thought of it and wanted to read it again.


Top Ten Reasons to be a Work in Progress
1. You can relax and enjoy your life more if you don't expect yourself to have all the skills, knowledge, and wisdom to carry you forward into the future.

2. You can open your life to new opportunities and adventures.

3. You can be honest about what you've yet to learn, and appreciate what you already know.

4. You can actively seek out teachers and role models without worrying about what others will think.

5. You can stop defending or making excuses for your "bad" habits, while occasionally or always working to transform your behavior into "good" habits.

6. You can see that the people around you are "Works in Progress," too.

7. You can begin each day with a clean slate or sense of purpose.

8. You can see endless possibilities before you.

9. You can approach life with the enthusiasm and energy of a young child.

10. You can continually reinvent yourself based on present day circumstances, values, and opportunities.

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