Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh look, it's a church

And another church.

The first is the National Cathedral and the other is the National Shrine of Immaculate Conception (or something like that). Both are in DC, just opposite ends of the city. Neither come close to the beauty of St. Peter's at the Vatican.

Over the past weekend mom, dad, and I went to DC kind of last minute before dad heads into the hospital. This trip took me into double digits on trips to DC. We even managed to do things I've never done before. Really, why would I go to a church on my own?

Other highlights....

Stephen Colbert's picture outside a bathroom in the National Portrait Gallery. The story on why it's there is here.

Family Picture

This looks cool and then you start reading it starting at the top and it becomes even cooler.

How about Katherine Hepburn's Oscars? Pretty cool right?

From the Washington Monument.

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Val said...

Very Cool Pics. I love the license plate thing. How awesome is that????