Friday, February 1, 2008

Another Friday

So the donor story. My dad had one lined up, ready to go then the guy went for his physical and didn't pass. My parents were actually visiting with the transplant doctor when they heard this. But no problem because there was a woman that was also a perfect match so we'll just use her, until she goes for her physical and doesn't pass. So now we're back to the list. There are a few other people that are potential great matches for my dad. The first one to send in their stuff also didn't pass their physical. Are you sensing a trend? So now we're just waiting. My dad has to get more treatments because even though the cancer is technically in remission the doctors want to keep him that way. I think from now until he goes in the hospital he'll go every Tuesday for treatments.

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Val said...

Sorry to hear about the donars. Glad to hear your dad is in remission.

Thanks for the email. I think I may try it starting Sunday.